From the 2nd to the 14th Century, the Kingdom of Champa, one of the great civilizations of Southeast Asia, flourished in what is now central Vietnam. The Chams were a seafaring and trading people. Consequently they had strong influences from other religions and cultures. Their red brick temples still stand in Vietnam as a tribute to their creativity and engineering. Hand carved stonework can be seen in both museums and at temple sites.

Imagine it is the year 1,000AD. You walk into a lush tropical valley set amidst forested mountains. Before you stands a complex of up to one hundred intricately decorated red brick towers. The tallest stands over sixty feet high with spires covered in gold. Scents of incense and perfume fill the air. You have entered the sacred center of the Cham civilization.

This place is called My Son (Mountain Heaven) and it is located south of Da Nang in Central Vietnam. My Son was rediscovered in 1898 by a French explorer. Unfortunately much was destroyed in war. In 1999 the UN gave My Son world heritage status renewing hopes for restoration of this cultural and historically significant site.

The Chams, today an ethnic minority in Vietnam, still speak about the ancient legends, their glories and splendors. They continue to practice their religions and traditional customs. Those who have had the pleasure of knowing the Cham describe them as a graceful and elegant people with unforgettable warmth.

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